Seizure is a volunteer-run literary platform founded by Editor-in-Chief Alice Grundy and Creative Producer David Henley. Portia came on board as General Manager during the transition from print to digital and as General Manager worked on a number of projects with the Seizure team. Seizure has partnered with a variety of organisations to run events and publishing projects, including City of Sydney Libraries, SWEATSHOP: the Western Sydney Literacy Movement, and Sydney Writers' Festival. Portia's role at Seizure has been diverse: writing and editing funding applications, liaising with authors, volunteers and accounts, proofreading and editorial support, writing the Round-Up newsletter and Agony Aunt column, promotion and marketing, budgeting and organising events. 

Viva La Novella is Seizure's popular novella competition. Portia worked behind the scenes on Viva La Novella III: liaising with writers and editors, organising interviews and other promotional material for the website, proofreading the winning novellas and managing publicity for the launch and published books. 

Below are some of the projects that Portia is proud to have worked on in a writing, editorial or organisational capacity.

Image credits: David Henley