Portia headshot.jpg

For years Portia worked as Program Officer at the NSW Writers' Centre while helping to manage Seizure Online and writing for industry publications, before deciding to pursue her passion of regional arts development in the most direct way she could: moving to a regional town and developing cultural projects there. Now based in the delightful town of Mudgee, she divides her time between the local wine bars, cafés and library. 

Portia is the General Manager of the growing literary event Mudgee Readers' Festival and the Communications Officer for Orana Arts. This is a very fortunate position to be in, as she gets to bring her favourite authors to town and also travel around the region taking in wonderful art events and talking to talented artists. 

Portia is also an occasional library assistant at the Mudgee Library, sometimes runs seminars on digital engagement and arts organisation for Orana Arts, and every now and then programmes events with the arts collective Mudgee Underground, as well as plotting various creative community-based schemes in her regular writers' group.

Portia has also fulfilled her life-long dream of being the Crazy Chicken Lady in a Stars Hollow-esque setting. Want to know more about the chickens? Here they are